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When buying or selling a luxury home in Metro Atlanta, your success hinges upon the expert guidance provided by an experienced and successful Georgia Fine Home Realtor.

As an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist in Georgia – I have the reputation for putting you, the client, first. If you would like information on the Atlanta Real Estate Market or are ready to buy a home or sell a home – let’s talk. There’s no obligation or hard sell – just a frank conversation to figure out the best plan for you.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your real estate needs and goals.

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Beware of a Conflict of Interest

Imagine this scenario. You hire a Home Inspector to inspect a house you’ve made an offer on. The inspector goes over everything with a fine tooth comb, outside-to-inside, basement-to-ceiling. Great so far. Then he presents you with his findings, points out areas that need repairs – and then offers to do this ...

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3 Criteria for Selecting the Right Professionals

No one buys or sells a home alone. You need the help of a professional – and likely a whole team of professionals – to assist you in achieving your goals and protecting your interests. A real estate transaction can be stressful enough. So when it comes to choosing professionals to ...

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Redecorating On A Budget

Getting bored of the four walls that surround a particular room? Want to redecorate, but worried that you don’t have the budget? Here are some low-cost ideas for revitalizing the look of just about any area of your home. Paint. It’s amazing what a $30 dollar can of paint can do. ...

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