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When buying or selling a luxury home in Metro Atlanta, your success hinges upon the expert guidance provided by an experienced and successful Georgia Fine Home Realtor.

As an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist in Georgia – I have the reputation for putting you, the client, first. If you would like information on the Atlanta Real Estate Market or are ready to buy a home or sell a home – let’s talk. There’s no obligation or hard sell – just a frank conversation to figure out the best plan for you.

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Helping Buyers Feel Less Like Intruders

When potential buyers visit your home, they often feel like intruders. After all, in most cases, they don’t know you personally. Yet, there they are, walking through your hallways, looking in your bedroom closets, and even checking out the cabinet space in your washrooms. Obviously, you want buyers to feel comfortable ...

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Mortgage Payments Can Be Deceiving

You see a great home. You pull out your mortgage calculator and start punching in the numbers. The estimated monthly payment is displayed on the screen. You think, “Yep, we can afford that!” Can you? It’s easy to be seduced by a mortgage payment calculation. However, mortgage payments aren’t the only costs ...

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Energy Costs Going Through the Roof?

Make a Power Switch! If you’re looking for ways that you and your family can reduce your energy use, keep track of your consumption by saving your bills, and noting the dates of any major changes (eg. severe weather, new appliance, change of routine, etc.). Then compare your consumption and spending ...

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