New Townhouse or New Condo – Which Should You Buy?

Whether you’re a first time buyer or you just want to purchase something smaller, new construction townhouses or a new condo can be a great choice and there are plenty of options throughout Metro Atlanta. Check out the differences between both styles below. Townhouses Those who purchase a townhome are ...

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Should I Get a Home Inspection on New Construction?

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction home, you probably think you don’t need to get a home inspection or perhaps you chose to work with the builder directly and they “suggest” it isn’t needed because it’s new construction. WRONG! Builders in Metro Atlanta use multiple sub-contractors when constructing ...

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What You Need to Know About Buying a New Home in Metro Atlanta

Buying a new construction home in Metro Atlanta can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a scary and stressful process. To ensure you have a smooth transaction from start to finish, familiarize yourself with the home buying process, note the tools and resources available to you, ...

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Buying a New Home in an HOA Community

What Buyers Need to Know About HOAs When searching for a new home in Metro Atlanta, you may end up selecting a property in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA). Before you buy, it’s important to know how an HOA works and what they mean for you. According to ...

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