Atlanta CRMC®

3 Options Realty is a Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®), so designated by the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). CRMC® assures you, as a property owner or tenant, that you are dealing with a property management company that adheres to the highest professional standards in the industry. With over 4,000 NARPM members nationwide, fewer than 50 companies held this designation at the time 3 Options Realty was designated. This is one of the many factors that sets 3 Options Realty far apart from the vast majority of its contemporaries. There were only 3 other companies in all of Georgia that held this distinction at the time of our award.  This is one of our proudest achievements.

To earn this professional designation a company must stand for an exacting audit, performed by a representative from NARPM. The auditor must be a designated representative from another company that has already earned this designation. 3 Options Realty was audited by Brian Birdy, owner of Birdy Property Management in San Antonio, Texas. Brian used an exhaustive audit checklist with 181 inspection line items, which included office organization, staffing, employee management, office policy and procedures, rental policies and procedures, accounting policies, and management and lease agreement execution.

We have held the CRMC® certification since October, 2013.

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